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Henna & Body Art

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As a cancer survivor, I want to empower all to feel beautiful in the skin they're in. Through my own journey of hair loss, chemo & radiation, and multiple surgeries, it has taken time for me to adjust to loving my body in all forms.


My body art services are given as a blessing to those who would like to embrace self-love & artistic beauty.

The best medicine is often that which the earth gives to us. 

BODY ART & ADORNMENT is a cherished form of sacred art experienced by most of civilizations from around the world!

Henna Dry Powder



It is a form of body art & temporary skin decoration, using a paste from the henna plant (Lawsonia Inermis). The red-ish brown dye is made by crushing the dried leaves and then mixing the fine powder with other natural and acidic ingredients such as tea tree oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, & lemon juice.


A significant reason of applying Mehndi is to utilize its natural medicinal herbal remedies.  Properties include Antipyretic (fever reducing), alterative (gradually restores proper function of the body), & nervine (calms the nervous system). It smells AMAZING & allows a calming experience for both the recipient as well as the artist.

What if I want "black henna"?



Black henna can be harmful, being made using PPD (para-phenylendediamine), and is a potentially dangerous chemical used in black hair dye.

Black henna has been the cause of many adverse reactions, ranging from rashes, HORRIBLE chemical burns, permanent scarring and long-term health problems.



Full Body Tattoo


While henna lasts up to a few weeks, body paint can last just a few days. However, it offers a colorful way of expression that is practiced in many cultures as well. The body markers & paints I use are all safe & non-toxic. Some of the products I use may stay more than one day but can be removed with makeup remover. 


I am available for small to medium sized gatherings, booked at an hourly rate or per person rate


Previous groups:

Bachelorette Parties

Teen Birthday (instruction)

Local Event

Women's Circle

Blessingway ~ Baby Shower

Girls Get Together

Travel fees may apply.


Small to medium sized body art designs.


Hand/foot, forearm, full sleeve, leg, chest, shoulder. Henna cones are handmade & blessed upon each batch. Body paints are non-toxic.


I like to incorporate essential oils into the experience, and each recipients receives an affirmation card meant for them.

For Full sleeve or large/private body part, please inquire with me.

Travel fees may apply.


Looking for a unique maternity photo or a way to honor your growing belly?

Do you want to provide a unique gift for your cherished mama-to-be?

A belly blessing is a sacred ceremony for blessing your child & honoring the bond you two share in one body! This can be done as an intimate appointment, or in front of a closed group of loved ones.

Travel fees may apply.

Please submit your design or idea to me prior to appointment if you have something specific in mind at JOURNEYWITHJESSLLC@GMAIL.COM


We are able to use traditional henna cones (handmade with love)or vibrant, non-toxic body paints. For darker complexions, the henna may not stain as well, so the body paints are a great alternativeHowever, body paints will scrub off with makeup remover & do not stain the skin.

My henna mixture is handmade with love and is blessed upon completion of the batch.

This is meant to be a sacred healing session for YOU. I am there drawing of course, but I am also there to hold space for you in whatever you may need. Everyone has a story & I love hearing them all! Body adornment is viewed as a sacred practice and is a great way to bless your body.

Let me help you embrace the skin you're in!



Although this is a natural product, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to any foreign substance applied to the skin. We advise special consideration in case of fruit allergies, sensitive skin, eczema, G6PD or sensitization through repeated use.

Pure Henna produces red-brown temporary tattoos, made with all-natural Earth materials. Allergic reactions are extremely rare, yet still possible. Please let me know if you are concerned of a reaction to tea tree, henna plant, lavender, lemon juice or citrus allergy, or have sensitive skin prior to the appointment.



To anyone who is unsure, I highly recommend you do a patch test to avoid any major irritation of the skin.

If a reaction takes place, what usually happens is a mild case of contact dermatitis. It generally is itchy or may cause redness for a few days and will fade away gradually. It is advisable to contact your physician immediately if severe symptoms persist.

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