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I am a breast cancer survivor, divorced mother, freelance consultant, & wellness entrepreneur. 

I am a Scorpio sun AND moon, Leo rising, water element, life path 9, & INFP.


I was diagnosed at 28 years young with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer on August 17, 2017.

I remember staring at a piece of paper wondering if my 3-year-old daughter would grow to remember me, what I did to deserve this, and how long I had left to enjoy on earth. The diagnosis day was the spark to my spiritual awakening: understanding that our limited time on earth should be cherished & our bodies deserved to be treated like the temple it is, housing our precious soul. 


It became fight or flight, and my philosophy was even if I only had one week left on earth, I would make every day the BEST DAY, as if it were my last. Now, three years later, living for TODAY has changed my life, and my lifework has now shifted to being service driven for individuals who are ready to make the change.


Since then, I have navigated through 10 chemo treatments, 7 surgeries, 30 days of radiation, 34 lymph nodes removed, double mastectomy & implants, total hair loss...all while still working, raising a daughter, and planning a wedding then going through a divorce four months later.


Every person who learns my story asks the same question: "how did you do it"? I not only did it for myself in order to really LIVE, but also to be the best role model for my daughter. I am the true testament that where attention goes energy flows....and one of the most powerful universal teachings is learning how to flip a negative into a positive.


Through life, I have overcome obstacles such as abusive relationships, childhood depression & trauma, constant high anxiety, lack of self-worth, body shaming, destructive eating habits, substance abuse, master of repressing emotion, poor boundary setting, codependency issues, materialism, and many life events that leave people saying, "you should write a book!" 


I am still working on most of these topics, as healing is a continual process. Throughout my challenges, I have collected many traditional & non-traditional insights from around the world to aid in healing the mind, body & soul. After staring death in the eyes not once but twice now, I have learned that mind over matter is an essential mindset to overcome whatever you are faced with. Equally as important, learning the facets of yourself can lead you to understand where your energetic blocks are.


My mission is to guide others through their own journey of healing, through building a relationship incorporating a safe space to surrender & release…in order to adapt & build upon new life habits and teachings for an optimal "happy place" mindset. Mindfulness...becoming aware of your thoughts and the connecting the first step. Your journey may not resonate with the various subjects I connect with, and that is completely understandable.


My goal is to move through sessions fluidly, so we are able to find what will help YOU reconnect with your zest for life! The most important aspect of my services is an open-mindset and a willingness to change in order to remove stagnant blocks.

I consider myself an open book, healing one chapter at a time.


DISCLAIMER: It is not my intention to replace any medical professional, rather help you to connect the dots from all angles and encourage you to seek the help you need in order to heal your mind, body & soul.

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